Mini Kurhan, Design & Direction
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Mini Kurhan


Mini Kurhan
Creative, Design & Art Director + Designer


A big-picture thinker who sweats the details over customer-centric design solutions.


My expertise revolves around elevating the look and feel of online brands, and connecting the dots to create a cohesive user-centered experience. I am able to notice problems others might not see, and I passionately seek out solutions for improvement. Innovation is key—­having the knowledge of what works, but pushing beyond expected solutions to come up with something even better. I put my heart into my work, and strive for reaching the bigger-picture of what can be achieved.

With years of design and retail experience, working in e-commerce is a perfect fit. I am excited to help build a brand, and take the customer’s experience to the next level.


Systems Thinking

From workflow to design execution, start here to understand the thinking behind what I do.


Case Studies

Examples of systems thinking and the thought process behind how my designs come together.


Design Portfolio

Examples of my hands-on design work (graphic design, UX design, photo art direction).


What I'm thinking about these days...

  • Relevancy and personalization: what matters to the customer, and showing them the right thing at the right time
  • Omni-channel support: reaching people where they’re at, on the platforms they’re already using
  • Leveraging the power of authentic recommendations: creating shareable moments for customers to tell others why this experience (or product) has value
  • Responsive web: supporting multiple devices while reducing the amount of work and cost to the business needed to make it happen
  • Streamlining workflow: reducing the amount of work and time needed to execute projects—design, photography and retouching time have a tremendous impact on morale, as well as overall cost to the business
  • No need to reinvent the wheel: creating foundational elements like style guides and pattern libraries, or using your current work as a starting point for getting the next project done quickly
  • One brand, one voice: allowing the customer to see consistency in how the brand shows up regardless of channel (whether it be website, email, social media, or physical store)
  • Supporting the business: understanding the efforts the company is trying to make, and the metrics each project is trying to hit, in order to figure out how to best support it from my end
  • Big-picture thinking: connecting the dots between business objectives, workflow efficiencies, customer experience, and how the brand appears
  • Thinking about the details: ensuring the work is polished to showcase the brand as professional and trustworthy, with the goal of helping customers gain confidence in a company they’ll want to support
  • Good enough is also okay: perfection is great to strive for, but sometimes you just have to get the work out the door, and aiming for an A- is still way above average


Companies and clients include…