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Workflow Efficiencies


Workflow Efficiencies

One of the things I think a lot about is how to make things easier. Doing work that feels tedious or overly time-consuming can cause burn-out and frustration. Add in a lot of moving parts, and the likelihood of making mistakes increases. Plus, the longer things take, the greater the expense for payroll on fewer projects being created.

I’ve experimented with making changes in process to improve the quality of work being delivered correctly the first time; templatizing recurring projects to make work consistent with minimal effort to get things out the door quickly; creating frameworks for reducing production time and implementation efforts.

When tackling process for internal teams, I’ve found the approach is similar to the approach of designing for external customers—user-centered design. The key to getting work flowing smoothly starts with an understanding of what each person needs to create their piece of the pie, and how the pieces come together to form the whole.



Case Studies


Case Study: Process Enhancements

Thinking of the internal team as the customer, and designing systems to support their needs.


Walmart eCommerce: Responsive Images at Scale

How I created UX framework to meet new technology requirements, while drastically reducing workload for Creative designers.


Rothy’s: Product Photography Templates

Revamping a photography product catalog with thousands of files, and creating the ability to reduce workload for future design projects.