Mini Kurhan, Design & Direction
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Design


A beautiful design is the cost of entry. Why and how it’s created matter most.


Bad design gets in your way. Good design you experience. Great design you feel.


Live from the stage/my workspace

Mini Kurhan

As a deeply knowledgeable and passionate leader in digital marketing, branding, and user experience for e-commerce and entertainment, I’m in touch with the intangibles that make a retail experience amazing. My expertise revolves around elevating the look and feel of online brands, and connecting the dots to create a cohesive user experience. As a big-picture thinker, I’m never afraid to pour my heart into a project and share my opinion in the name of good design. I strive to make things better. When I’m not obsessing over the details, you can find me spinning 60’s reggae and hunting for vintage collectables.