Mini Kurhan, Design & Direction
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Cross-Channel Storytelling


Cross-Channel Storytelling

Tell your brand’s story where customers will see it—on the many different channels they’re already using. Create content that emotionally resonates with the viewer, sparking a shareable moment they will authentically pass on to their social circles. Show up in a cohesive way, so that repeat or new customers recognize the brand.

Think about the user behaviors on specific platforms, and the desired end-result. Impulse buy, or brand-building engagement? Photos, brief or lengthy text, discussion

inspiring? How does their device affect their behavior? Keep users engaged and aware, keep your brand top of mind.

There’s no one clear-cut path. Map out the channels your customers use, plan the content needs, consider aspect ratios, photography and character count restraints, and create assets accordingly. Find a system that works for your needs, and repeat it.



Case Studies


Rothy’s: Product Launch Campaign

I created structure for the first Rothy’s lookbook campaign, uniting multiple photography styles and various messages across channels.


Rothy’s: Efficiently Creating a New Campaign

How I created an integrated on-site experience for Rothy’s first large-scale e-commerce partnership campaign, and how the team cohesively tied the campaign together across channels.


ModCloth: Campaign Assets Across Channels

I expanded ModCloth’s monthly on-site “lookbook campaigns” to off-channel experiences which gained ModCloth recognition as one of the top brand pages on Twitter.